Quick Start Guide

The Spectrometer project consists of two sub-projects, the `server` and `web`.

Server side is Python driven and provides the API to collect Git and Gerrit statistics for various OpenDaylight projects.

The web project is NodeJS/React based and provides the visualization by using the APIs provided by the server side.

In order to run the application, you need to install both `server` and `web` sub-projects.

This Quick Started Guide assumes you have Python3 and NodeJS 4.3 installed. To install NodeJS using NVM, see Web > Installation section below.

The Spectrometer project collects data from repositories located locally in your system.

Setup spectrometer-server

Installing spectrometer from pypi is simple and will get you the latest version that is released. Then create a config.py file in /etc/spectrometer/config.py (Example file can be found here)

pip install spectrometer
sudo mkdir /etc/spectrometer
sudo vi /etc/spectrometer/config.py
spectrometer server start

Verify that spectrometer-server is running by going to http://localhost:5000. You should see a Hello World page.

Setup spectrometer-web

Spectrometer Web is still in development so you will need to install it from Git at the time being as there is no package for it yet.

git clone https://git.opendaylight.org/gerrit/spectrometer.git
cd spectrometer/web
npm install
npm start

Goto http://localhost:8000

Testing the setup

By default the OpenDaylight project repositories will be mirrored every 5 minutes (300s), so if this is the first time starting you may have to wait until all repos are mirrored before you can exercise some of the apis.

Once the repos are mirrored you can try a few basic examples to make sure things are working properly:


The full Rest APIs are documented here: https://opendaylight-spectrometer.readthedocs.io/en/latest/restapi.html